Feb 8, 2014

5 tips on: How to Sleep Better.

"51 sheep ....52 sheep.....53 sheep. Ugh! Why am I still awake!
Oh well, at least it's only....2 am!!!!" 

     We've all been there! Getting quality sleep is easier said than done, so today, I am going to talk about how sleep is tied to physical and mental health. I am also going to tell you this 5 ways to get that easy refreshing sleep! that you need. 

    Not getting enough sleep over an extended period of time can lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks! and it's not that easy to get that high quality sleep. 

    Some nights you stay awake worrying about that presentation that you have to give first thing in the morning and some night you just... can't... get comfortable! and another nights you fall asleep just fine! but then you wake up every 15 minutes worrying that you're gonna miss the bus! 

Alright there is no one way guarantee that you're gonna get 'awesome' sleep!  but we do have 5 easy tips and tricks.

 Set a bedtime routine.

When you think about it, we all learn to sleep by routine, when we were little our parents gave us baths..read us stories, tucked us in. got us that extra glass of water ... all in the name of good sleep.
now that you're older, you have to develop your own routine. whether it's a cup of tea, a chapter of a book or a 15 minutes of yoga. but of course not all activities can be done before bed time, do not exercise 2 hours before your bed time, sure, it gets your blood flowing  but it will wake you up mentally. 

Maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule.
Now, you don't have to exactly fall a sleep at certain time, but do try to go to bed at generally the same time six days a week. This will help set your internal clock.

Stop watching your clock

Studies showed that people who are constantly look at their clocks, are less likely to fall asleep easily. So try to keep some distance between you and that alarm clock. 

Create an optimal sleep environment

A study discovered that people sleep best in dark, quite, cool environments!  with all the benefits of sleep, it worth investing in Blackout Blinds, comfortable ear plugs, air conditioning. The more comfortable you're physically, the better you 'll sleep. 


Make your bedrooms a tech-free zone, I know... but researchers found that electronics interfere with your sleep, because it's...easy to get distracted by them. Avoid 
checking your E-mail before bed, it might add more stress.
Watching movies and tv makes it harder to sleep.

Let's Recap!

  1. Set a bed time routine.
  2. Maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule. 
  3. Stop watching your clock
  4.  Create an optimal sleep environment
In the end I wish you all.... Sweet dreams. 


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  1. Well , around here we can't sleep unless there is an episode of The simpsons or Friends running on the laptop xD but helpful ideas :D thanks :D